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Default Board choice for someone returning to the sport

Hello, my name is Dave and I am thinking about getting back into windsurfing. I owned a 10'6" board with a daggerboard 20 years ago. I think i was moving into the intermediate level before I quit (i could beach start and was learning the jibe). I have sailed a few times since then during vacations. It would usually take 5 - 10 minutes during those trips to sail fairly well. I would like to get an all-around board where I can learn some new skills (jibes, water starts, etc.) but is still capable of using in light winds. I live in the Houston area so I will be sailing in salt water most often. I am 44 and weigh 225 lb. The Go Windsurfing model looks interesting but I am not sure if 171 volume is enough for my weight during the light wind Houston summers (5 - 10 knots). Nobody talked about volume 20 years ago (only length) so I am not sure how I should pick a board. Will a 171 sink under my weight? Should I go with a Rio with more volume?


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