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I'm trying to get back into windsurfing after a 25yr hiatus. I used to live in Hawaii and windsurfed extensively. At the time I windsurfed in waves and lived to get air. Now I'm much older, not as coordinated, and I live in California. I'm 6'-6" and weigh about 225lbs.

The wind where I live is mostly light, probably 15 mph or less (most of the time I'll be out of Dana Point Harbor). Water starts, even if I can remember how to do them will be problematic. Therefore I'm looking for a board I can stand on and up-haul the sail.

I mentioned all the above because I need some advice on board selection. Most of the boards I'm finding are amazingly inexpensive (about $200 for a complete setup that doesn't appear very used) but they are too short for me to be able to up-haul on them.

I found a Fanatic Bat that is 10'-6" with a 6.2 sail. Although its old (the mast track is black, if that helps date it), it has been in a garage and only has some surface scratches. He wants $300 which seems high compared to the other boards I've been seeing.

Would the Bat be a good candidate for me with my criteria?

Thank you very much.

FWIW: I tried to register on the site but I got a notification saying registration was shut off.
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