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The Fanatic Bat is only 160 weigh 225 lbs....Dana Point Harbor has < 15 knot winds....
the Bat is an older fairly narrow board with an older 6.2 my rig.
Not a real good combination.
Do you plan to sail off the little beach in the back of Dana Point Harbor and navigate out around the loop to the ocean?
Did you weigh 225 lbs when you were sailing in Hawaii.
I would look for something newer...wider, and with a much larger rig.
More money, yes, but significantly easier to sail, better suited to your weight, and the conditins you propose to sail in.
If I lived near Dana Point, I would be traveling up to Cabrillo Beach or down to San Diego Bay to sail.
Better wind, more sailors, some shops that handle windsurfing gear.
My suggestion would be a Rio L with a 7.5 m2 Sailworks Retro or 7.5 m2 Severne NCX.
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