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Default Windsurfing is out of the olimpic games


The ISAF made the decision in Italy on the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio no windsurfing competition. Both women and man category will change to Kiteboard. The result of the voting was very close 19:17.

Few months ago I read the Kite presentation for the Rio Games. What I felt the weakest point of the Kite is the minimum wind, where Kite have similar problems like Formula Windsurfing few years ago and Formula was out of the competition with this handycap. (By the way with Formula you can go back to the beach when the wind drops to 2-4 knots, with kite you have to swim or need a boat - so not really safety on national competition.)

I have lots of other question marks like the missing international organization, number of nations who will participate, number of competitors overall, how to fits kite competitions into the Euro Olympic tour, where the beaches and the wind conditions not really kite friendly etc...

The Windsurfing Olympic class never was the trend setter of the windsurfing sport, but made wider the interest for sure. In some countries the state support only Olympic classes, so that was an opportunity to get money to finance the youth windsurfing too.

I don’t know what the reason of this decision was "behind the curtain", but I hope the Olympic Windsurfing's history was not this 8 games only...

This train is gone! But... I hope the windsurfing sport (industry, organizations, windsurfers etc) will be able to work out TOGETHER how to go back to 2020! We have four years to build up an unbeatable proposal based on a long term strategy. In my view to have windsurfing on the Olympic Games is not about the industry, about windsurf awareness or about few hundred competitors MAINLY. But first of all the opportunity to bring teenagers into this sport in lots of countries. Poland, France, Germany, Israel, England, China, Italy etc. have already good organization for that with “pre-olympic classes” and this kids never will try windsurf on any other way.

Beside all of this disappointed thinks I wish good luck and the best for the kiters for the next four years!

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