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Default Futura 141 v Carve 141

I am an advanced intermediate looking for a fun board to sail.
My smaller boards are Kombats 107 and 122 which I really like.
I am looking for something to take my 8.5 for lighter wind days.
It says on the website that the 2012 carve should be as fast as Futura?
If I assume the Carve will also be better to gybe then this would leave me wondering why I should buy a Futura?

I have in the past owned a 2002 Carve 151 and really liked it, I then had a Futura 144 2008 and also liked it but found it not as easy to gybe but faster.

Also if I go for a Carve I have the option of 151 but see it has not been updated from 2011, is the 2012 model really that much better?

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