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Default Servene NCX 6.0 (2010) mast compatibility

Hi All,

Look for someone to help with troubleshooting the mast compatibility issue with my NCX 6.0 (2010). I thread the Powerex Z-Free 430 into the sail and pull down-haul to the recommended setting. After that I found the profile of the sail become so floppy that the wrinkles moved all the way down to the boom panel. I tried to released the down-haul for a few centimeters to resume a reasonable shape. However, the batten doesn't really compromise to the setting because they are yet pulled away from the mast to an extent that can ensure a smooth batten transition.

The other thing is that the sail foot is found to have an extremely high tension. It's so tight that the bottom vee of the sail foot now beccomes slightly torn when the sail is downhauled to the official setting.

Seldom do I see a speed oriented designed sail of this size to use a vario mast-top. That actually introduce another confusion. Since the sail itself assumes a high tension overall profile, the downhaul assumes precision down to centimeter level. However, the tops strap actually allows a high deviation that prevents an accurate trim on the luff length to be achieved. Sounds contradictory or am I just lacking of experience with the sail. No matter how tight the top strap is fastened, it'll get further stretched somehow when downhauld tension is applied.

Am I supposed to tighten the top strap to the minimal length?

Would someone share your experience with this sail. Such as what mast the sail is expecting? Would Powerex Z-Free be matched to the sail? Any tips for trimming can provided?

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