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I sold my NCX 6.5 a couple years ago. The mast I used was a 430 Fiberspar which is what Severne recommended. The adjustable top for my 6.5 was so I could use a 430 mast-softer- or 460 mast-stiffer. I found the sail very light and easy to use. It did have a very floppy leach similar to a race sail. It was a fast sail but not very powerful. I made my adjustments with outhaul, not downhaul.

If your 6.0 can take 2 masts than let the top out for a 460 & pull it all the way down for a 430. Tie a not in the top strap to stop it from slipping.

Try to borrow a different mast and rig it to see if your mast doesn't work.


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