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Clipper Wheel :

"The Clipper Wheel from Starboard is as its name implies, simply a large roller-wheel that clips on to the tail of virtually any board with a Tuttle box. With its large diameter wheel, the Clipper Wheel functions on all surfaces including sand. Primarily designed for the staff at windsurfing schools, the wheel clips on and off in an instant without the need for any additional tools. Being able to remove the wheel at the water's edge leaves you a clean board. For the more regular sailor, it is also convenient to have the Clipper Wheel system clipped on to your boardbag: it makes it easy to transport your full kit in one go from the garage to the car, from car park down to the water, or around the airport from one terminal to another.
  • Clips on and off in an instant without tools.
  • Works on sand"

Cheers !

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