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Default RE: Which Isonic (or S-Type) to replace my Carve 121?

To Ian

Thanks for your clear answer!

To Pete

For me the Kombat 96 with the freeride stock fin (31cm) and the 6.5m? Retro planes almost as early in lower winds as the C-121 with the 7.5m? while I don't like the feeling of the 7.5m? on the C-121 very much. Also the K-96 feels very stable and handles the chop better when I use a 5.5m? or smaller with the wave stock fin (25cm). I really like that board.

Funny that your target board quiver is more or less like mine!
Also for me my first concern is early planing because where I surf there are a lot of days with winds between 6 and 12 knots maximum.

After what Ian and you told me I will go for the IS 111/115 although I definitely prefer the D-Ram/Technora construction for reasons of price and durability. Maybe I can find a 2006 model.

Cheers to Ian and Pete

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