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I think the equipment exists in large slalom boards for light winds and small boards for stronger conditions. It is what most WS use (even if in detuned free ride format). It is light and simple to use with a graduated skill level as the boards become more 'dedicated'. It is a myth that slalom boards need insane winds to shine. Somehow the Olympic requirement got locked into traditional regatta style equipment. My recollection is that long boards went into decline when some racers in open classes started to use slalom boards to really good effect. May be the Olympic thing also became distorted by an artificial division between the amateurs on long boards and professionals racing formula or slalom. Perhaps each suits a different weight class, but using slalom you take the conditions on the day versus the weight you carry. Olympic gear tries too hard to equalise and force fit people of different physical builds onto one kind of kit. WS by it's the nature is highly probabilistic which is the essence of the excitement that comes with surf carnivals and other sports that are at the mercy of prevailing conditions.
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