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Did another match race between a Serenity and 2 sailboats lately :

Wind : 4-6 knots. Fresh water lake, no chop, swell at 5-8 cm.
Board : Serenity wood mk 1. Drake XXL 70 cm stock fin. Mast track set right in the middle.
Sail : Severne Reflex II 11.0 m2. Mast Severne Enigma 550 cm. Boom Severne Enigma 210-260 cm carbon. Luff set at 561 cm, boom set at 252 cm. Sail is trimmed very deep, draft kept forward with a tight leech, monofilm barely touching the boom's arms up to the harness lines.

GPS readings showed that I was able to point upwind at a 45 angle. Speed upwind was around 6-7 knots.

So, first match racing with the same upwind angle as a Toucan sailboat (and the helmsman was very good), I managed to catch up from behind and pass the sailboat after a 10 min upwind battle because I had a bit better speed upwind than her. I can point a bit higher than the Toucan but then my speed decreased quite a bit at 5-6 knots, similar to that of the Toucan. So I knew my setup was competitive.

Second match racing against a Psaros 33. That racing sailboat is a brand new prototype (April 2012), with canting keel and self-aligning daggerboard, high-modulus carbon mast, a full battened square top kevlar main sail, a light-air designed code 0 jib, total sail area of 87 m2 for just 1950 kg total weight (see specs : Crew of 5. I sailed upwind and behind her, aligned myself with the same angle upwind and tried to follow. No chance. First, she points 10 higher upwind than me. Second, she was faster, maybe 9-10 knots whereas I was speeding at 7-8 knots at that time. After 20 seconds of match racing, I was done: just impossible to follow.

So, my point of view is that sailing the Serenity + 11 m2 sail in very light wind (2 Bft) can be highly challenging and rewarding against top-class racing sailboats. Costs are 50x less expensive than a Psaros 33 and all the kit can fit on a car/minivan/van's roof top...

Cheers !


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