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Hi Guys - quick update on the 377.

I have sailed it a few more times now - very impressed and happy with board.

- Planes up about the same as my JP SLW but planes much easier (probably +/-9 knots) - no pumping needed - very easy to plane
- very easy to sail in straps even in a lull
- loads of fun sailing upwind in the beating straps (very fast and actually is sort of planning)
- straps worked well without booties on (kinda hard on the feet especially kicking down the cb)
- not nearly as fast as a formula or as intense of a ride
- sails through the chop vs going over on a formula - quite easy actually in 3' waves yesterday
- getting used to the sliding track and centreboard operation
- jibes well
- light wind (i don't think my retro 10.0 still is a great sail for light winds) still kinda fun - better at 5 knots +
- feels like it needs less sail downhaul and outhaul than a formula - more power needed?
- slanted track - with my sail I can rail the board and be in the beating straps in 8 knots +
- only complaint is the deck - lots of things to step on - cb lever, masttrack - takes some getting used too

Highly recommended! - very happy with my choice - awesome 5-15 knot board.

Great board Starboard!

Might have to try a Severne Raceboard sail (although I am not a cam'ed sail fan) - really would like something very lightweight for the 377.

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