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When I traveled to MAui, i took two masts, two booms 4 sails and one board. The airline I was with did charge for over weight and over length, $50 for each. So I expected at the end of trip to have paid $200. I packed sail, masts into quiver bag, board in single wall bag then sandwiched booms between the two, used roof ties to hold together, then wrapped in clear plastic wrap and duct tape creating one tight package that came just under the 100lb max and 9' max.

I did take the whole package to the airport two weeks before traveling, went up to the airline i was traveling with's check in counter (when not busy) and asked to weigh the package as well get the possible blessing of traveling with this, they ended up putting a note on my file that i had pre checked and they thought was it good. When i came back to fly out that was on my flight record as well the person at the check in counter thought that the package was so well put together that they only charged me $50.

Coming home i had to pay $75 dollars (must not have smiled as nice to the check attendant). Still way better than the $200 i had expected as well the just having the equipment with me allowed me to get more sailing days balanced with family days then renting equipment.

I believe that since I knew what the requirements were, as well went early to check, as well be as friendly as possible you have a way better chance than if you plead ignorance.

Good luck
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