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Hi Kvda !

No ! i have a ISonic wide 117 2011, and not a 107....
For 8.6/7.5 it's 45 VMax the good choice (max 47 for light light wind)
and 41 for 7.0, never under 41 on Wide 117.... dixit Antoine Questel (and Select Boss), a friend of me in Britain, 2nd to PWA... (> 40.5 knots with VMax39...)
30.50 knts for me with this Wide and 7.3..... very cool... (!!!) I wait the "very goods conditions" to improve this perf (for me)...
A very best friend of me, had this IS 107 2012... he's "always" very fast.... with all these boards so, and he had try this VMax... now, he sold "all" this fetish Deboichet ! for VMax. too good this fin's

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