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hi raw,

for Starboard the olimpic area was always a priority since become enough strong. in 2000 lots of us trust in olimpic class change to 2004. we believed formula windsurfing is ready to replace the mistral one design. it did not happened.

in 2004 eleven equipment applied to be olimpic class for 2008. starboard had an aspirant equipment.

i was there at lake garda when the aspirant of neilpryde, the rs:x first time touched the water. peter bijl is not a small guy, but he flied with the gear like a 66 kg guy on mistral one design… this gear was surprise good. very early planning, even in light wind upwind was acceptable. few days later in england this board win the selection. i did not try all the boards but i think the selection had a fair result when rs:x was chosen for olimpic class. but that rs:x board and the production real rs:x olimpic board IS DIFFERENT! how let do this isaf – I don’t know…

svein was eleventh on the first windsurfing olimpic games in los angeles '84. so i think for starboard the olimpic games will be always interesting - for subjective reasons too .

to rio 2016 isaf did not give chance to anyone to challenge the rs:x only for kiters. i think in 2016 starboard (will be) ready to introduce a totally different concept for olimpic class for 2020 olimpic.

first we have to see what’s happen in november. will stay kite the olimpic class in rio 2016 or isaf bring back the rs:x? very small chance, but i hope isaf will fix this huge mistake and second one will happen...

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