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I'm guessing that by "AWT" you mean the American Windsurfing Tour....right?
I was under the impression that the AWT is a US Sailing/US Windsurfing series of races
around the USA.
Is this the AWT you are referring to?
If so, there have never been any truly organized windsurfing regattas on the Outer Banks of NC.
I've been here most of the time for the last 20 years and other than some small wave sailing
events, and a few vintage windsurfer events, I've never seen any large organization sanctioned regattas
on Hatteras Island.
As far as Starboard presence here, Wind NC is a full service Starboard Dealer/shop, and the owner is doing his best to create events for windsurfing and SUP here on the Outer Banks.
Starboard as always had a substantial presence at the Frisco Woods Windfest (and did again this year)
and Wind NC was there as well. There will be a "Paddle Pallooza" event this summer for SUP sponsored by Wind NC at Frisco Woods.
We had some "fun races" at the Windfest this year that were an absolute blast.
One of the reasons (which you may not have considered) for no orgainzed events (specially formula and
other disciplines that require < 35-40 cm fins and weed fins much of the time) is the water depth in the sound and the weeds.
I'm not aware of any AWT events in such shallow water and weedy conditions, and I think I've been to most of the major venues with the Sailworks/Starboard "A Taste of Windsurfing" Tour over the last
12 years.
We are still doing "A Taste of Windsurfing" on a limited schedule but budget cuts in the WS industry have limited our funding so we now must travel on our own funds/buy the demo boards we carry.
Hope this hellps,

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