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Originally Posted by Jonny View Post
Any advice how to cope with it mentally ?
Relax and wish them good luck. Just in California, in the last 3 months, there have been 2 deaths and a scary number of VERY close calls.

Like windsurfing did, Kiting will have a huge popularity upswing until people experience on their skin the main problems associated with the sport. For windsurfing it was mostly the difficulty of the sport, maybe the expense. For kiting it will be space, that is already prompting beach closures, and very real danger.

Personally, I'd never put a kid on a Kite, injuries are very common, and, at least in the Bay Area, the coast Guard picks up Kiters daily, with occasional rather massive rescues (a month ago 8 kiters floating out of the Golden Gate Bridge).

Windsurfing is doing fine. There is a large number of new sailors, thank you freestyle, and there are actually a good number of people coming back to windsurfing.

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