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Default Kiters are not to blame that windsurfing is out of Olympics

Main demand from Olympic committee was that all sailing competitions should be made attractive for spectators. RS:X windsurfing shown on last Olympics games was far from attractive and exciting. Of course sailing in 3kn wind is not exciting.
Obviously changes were demanded but no changes were made to comply with new demands, so windsurfing is out.

Main argument to stick whit RS:X, was that there is a demand:
One board, one sail, one fin and 3kn wind.
Now kiters were accepted with:
One board, 3 kites, no restriction on fins and 7kn wind.

Formula experience could match this easily for less money than RS:X and kiting. But even with RS:X windsurfing would have chance if RS:X boards would be lighter and cheaper. Sometimes I still use 25 years old Klepper 320, no carbon fibers, weight is 16 kg. Weight of RS:X is 18 kg, many RS:X owners report that after year or two there were cracks on RS:X board so durability is no excuse for weight.

But perhaps there is still hope. Spanish Sailing Federation admits it mistakenly voted for kiting.
Check this link:,7...227798,00.html
Instead of stickers and petitions make sure those delegates really now what they are voting about.

Considering numbers of people windsurfing and kiting, both should be on Olympics.
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