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Default retailer woes

let me say this as a small retailer , windsurf business is a tough business. I will remain anon with my identity as my supplier may just totally cut me off , ( for rigs and sails) as i have been cut off from getting boards shipped to me .
You see somewhere up the road between me and the factory, someone has a heavy mallet , and or a heavy foot when it comes to the forklft.
Over tens years of seeling product , maybe 33 % of our product ( boards ) has been damaged in transit.
I mean DOUBLE packaged boards punctured, how can one crush the rail of an armour-tech baord inside a double walled package!!
So the wholesailer has cut off sending boards ( cant blame them ) unless i arrange shipping. Which is hard to do with product 1500 miles away.

needless to say i now deal with another wholesaler and product in the USA. I cannot get starboard boards unless i get someone way out there to pick this stuff up kayaks are easier to transport for goodness sakes, as are wetwear and t shirts!!!

As to warranty issues, WOW now these are difficult to sort out and not to belittle your complaints but I can see why a retailer may be very reluctant to ship and replace something,
Ship the board to you say 150 bucks, ship it back another 150, ship another to you 150, =450 greenbacks . Guess who eats that?
Believe me as a retailer i know, boards arent cheap and the margins are not there, even with a top end product.
You deserve a good product, but the system is expensive and tough to make a living from, unless you eat rice everyday and cycle around town.
So while they say they are world class i guess they have the right to say ours isnt good enough.
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