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Todd Hume
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Dude! Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time with your freight forwarding. I know the suppliers get a bunch of damaged boards here too, but 33%...! As a retailer that must be heart breaking. Not to mention the environmental resources that consequently went up in a massive cloud of CO2 as a result.

Monkeys should not drive forklifts. It is as simple as that.

Interesting comments. Are you saying that Starboard makes its retailers pay for the shipping on replacements for the poor quality product that they supplied? If so, that is really bad.

I know how tough it is for retailers. The product buy price is high, the market is small and the competition is pretty intense. It is no mystery that it is critical for brands to support their retailers and customers in order to make sales. And sloppiness in communication and supply from brand to factory to retailer to customer must surely eat away at everyone’s profits. For this reason i'm at a loss to see Starboards logic behind how they have handled my situation. It’s been interesting to watch how this has panned out.

The quad in question here was the 12th Starboard that my wife and i have purchased since 2006, and the first of two boards that I had on order at the time. Rather than keeping a good customer happy they immediately lost the sale of two boards and the custom of a very active windsurfing family. Now the potential exists that negative brand feedback could cause them and their retailers to lose even more sales. And now, three months down the line, Starboard stubbornly continues to refuse to make any comment on this thread (though i am sure that they are watching it closely)...

So, if my experience has occurred because of a retailer decision where they could not afford to make the loss to supply a replacement board and/or that they would not take the risk of getting a replacement board as that board is likely to have quality issues or gets damaged in transit, then the Starboard's internal problems are much deeper and more complex that i expected. I wish Starboard the best of luck. I think they might need it.
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