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Red face New Formula 167 wide too hard to control?

Dear Team,

I am one of your Swiss team riders (Super Grand Master, 78 kg, 180 cm) and owned every Formula boards since the 160 and a dozen of isonics, they all were easy to control. Since predominantly for regattas on the lakes with lighter wind and little chop only we always select the wider model and last year's HWR suits me so well, I luckily kept it (and there is demand by other racers for it who also don't like the harder to control of the new 167 wide), as it turns out the new 167 wide is very hard to control for me. It planes much earlier and goes upwind better but as soon as a gust hits its a fight for control and to keep the windward rail down. The new double chicken straps do not help a lot and feel strange to get in. should i have bought the narrower model? is it really designed for heavier and stronger racers? would a change of straps and fin help? I use a 70 cm Hurricane. best rgs, yves
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