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For sure ther was not the expected boom of windsurf longboarding, and Starboard has made a choice, something more useful for all kind of winds from subplaning to plaining, and less technical than the Serenity. But imho we loose the best emotions in real life breezes.
But I fully agree that sups has revealed that dimension is not the problem.
Anyway last saturday, having some hours free I've gone in my usual lagoon spot with ONLY the Queen (right name!) and my old camless HSM Stealth 9,5. Hot and sunny, it was clear that no wind but the low thermal SE was coming.
BUT the Queen of Serenity and Emotion has given another time a great time on the water!!!
Wind waving about 5-8 knots, riding was so exciting even in shallow waters! You feel the LIGHTNESS and speed, instead the weight and minor speed felt on other longboards!
For sure I could change al my other boards but I would NEVER sell the Serenity!
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