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I quote

"It would seem that for your 150 Lbs./68 kg. body weight you could easily uphaul a
100 liter board, " From a Starboard expert...for someone asjking advice re uphauling and a 130 litre board

68 kg is not a heavy sailor; but the blokes board will weigh minimum of 8 kg. (wet straps etc) His mast a couple; (probably more) his sail 4 or 5 and his boom a couple. His wetsuit/harness will add another couple.(at least) Total approx 17kg..
68+ 17 = 85kg...
Doesnt need a science expert or a sailing one to know that any sailor is not going to be able to uphaul with that level of flotation easily.. Its a developed skil and a difficult one at that. Throw in rough water and a relative new sailor and its a recipe for rescue !!! And why ??? Like I said earlier its fashion.. Push sailors onto smallest possible board...often too early and in many cases inappropriate !!!

Watch so many "experts" all over world sailiung(actually wallowing) on boards that are simply too small. Would have thought that someone with your knowledge (and Roger`s) woukld be a little more careful with your advice; especially on issues that could develop into safety risks..
There are loads of great boards out there capable of been uphauled with 85kg load and handle 5.3 in rough water... If there arent any in starboard range thats a different issue...
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