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"Considering numbers of people windsurfing and kiting, both should be on Olympics.
11th June 2012 08:33 PM "

That is sheer nonesense.

90% of windsurfers have never raced and never will. Problem has always been the windsurfing in Olympics has virtually no resemblence whatsoever to the sport nearly all of us are involved with.

Racing is an esoteric small aspect of windsurfing.Olypic racing is a small part within that.

The image portrayed in olympic WS is probably detrimental . Its hardly exciting and does not attract anyone into the sport;unless they specifically want to race... WS racing in Olympics has become a sport in itself and promotes itself just for the Olypics.. Look at the farce over the RSX.. Who would ever dream of sailing one if were not for the Olypics !!! Crazy.. Its a circular argument.. IMO its the correct decision..
If we could get wave sailing in or even freestyle ; well that would be a step forward.
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