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hi unregistered,

much smaller percent of car drivers of the world racing in Formula1 or in Rally, than percentage of windsurfers, who racing. and?

the influence of the top of a sport is always big. if a sail company's competitor win the pwa slalom tour, next year circa 30% can increase his sales volume of race/freerace sails. the freestyle or wave able to bring circa extra 10%.

the olympic windsurfing's value is huge number of people meet with windsurfing, who never meet with it any other way. the hungarian london olympic competitor girl's father is olympic bronz medalist sailor. he pushed her daughter not for sailing, but for windsurfing, because physically much more sporty and cheaper too.

the olympic games makes possible to get money from the states and teach kids for windsurfing. from these kids will be only one per nation on the olympic games, the rest will be hobby windsurfers, pwa riders, or from pwa will be olympic riders. lots of people who move from pwa to olympic (mainly girls), or move from olimpic to pwa like svein rasmussen, stephan van den berg, jimmy diaz, brian talma, anders bringdal, thomas malina, barbara kendal, alassandra sensini, jessica crisp, etc.

i think the olympic windsurfing has his mission in the windsurfing sport, just different from the pwa or hobby windsurfing.

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