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Default RE: gun sails mast compatability

Here are some experiences and views on Gun equipment.

A wet suit lasted 12 days, the replacement lasted the same length of time. The problem in each case was extensive failure of the adhesive.

Shipping costs to claim a guarantee can be significant if you do not live in Germany.

Gun keeps people sailing where they cannot afford anything better or where they want to keep expenditure to a minimum.

I have seen the clew tear in a number of their wave sails. The same type of tear every time. Another problem was failure of the stitching inside the luff sleeve, at the inner end of the battens and at the upper end of the luff sleeve. Same failure on the same model.

Gun sails set best on Gun Masts. I found Powerex was a poor match for Gun.

Masts made in the same factory are not necessarily the same. Each manufacturer provides a specification. Board manufacturers provide different specifications to the Cobra factory

I will never again buy a Gun products. For me they were not good value in the long term.
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