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The best way is,to work fins without spin out. When I say, please use a 40cm Rake 30° fin, doubleassym.
fin in 100% carbon. The most reaction is,,to short.She is 50cm long. On a weekend, 3weeks ago, in Netherland. Edwin Hartsveld tried to make a record for Formulas.A PD Board,2fins from Select and Drake.
He made 56km/h,but it should be 65km/h. I said please try a fin from me. He looked, to short was the answer.He took the fin, Sail 10m˛. 2 hours later. He made a new topspeed record. The 22cm made with Thomas Döblin made topspeed 50 knots. Andre Daff made in Australia on lake with 22cm >Rake 30°
a one hour GPS rekord,He was faster than the dutch boys.At the moment is J.van der Hout a little faster.
Last week wrote the dutch,a new GPS record 10sec. with 48,59 knots. But Thomas Döblin made
48,66knots. Rake 30° can weed, if you are fast. And sorry,it is always the fin who make a spin out ,not
the board and not the man. And if that could be, than have I so long to work that a fin cannot make a
spin out.I worked alone 30 years with doubleassym. fins. I found 35 points,what a surfer can do to make
spin outs,in flat water,waves,chop,sweet water,saltwater,low wind, high wind and so on.And be sure,
I want only that people must not write what a spin out is. I saw all it under a board with acryl bottum.Only
there see you live all that what can be. Wolfgang
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