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Default RE: One board for everything!

Well then maybe the stype isn't the right one right now!
The s-type is a very fast board and after a year of windsurfing I would say it will probably be too much, too fast. If we are talking starboard then maybe a 120 -130 ltr carve would be a better choice! similar in many ways but not quite the performance but by no means slow! plus a bigger sail range!

I don't want to put you off but I have the habit of buying bigger better kit all the time and have made some mistakes by buying technical and fast board and if your not ready for it can make you not enjoy yur time on the water! This in my opinion is the most important consideration!

Now if you want fast but easy to sail the s-types are great but the speed may be a bit scarey for you at this stage! The carves are more useable day to day.

I don't want to put you off the s-type because it is such a nice peice of kit I just don't want you to loose interest in the sport like I did for a while due to a bad choice for your current ability!

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