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Default shippers into pocket dippers....

Todd, no starboard would not pay for shipping when a board is damaged due to "shippers negligence", sorry if i implied otherwise.
but back to shippers negligence ,why should anyone pay but the shipper?

The issue then is i have a damaged board sitting here. The solution is , fix the board. But then ethically when i sell it I really have to tell the customer, thats the way i feel but as soon as they hear THAT , they want a big discount...catch 22.
So does one then lie??

I wonder if this is what happens to cars as well ?? I bet it does and if the consumer ever knows, i bet they do not.
Is this the cost of doing business , perhaps, but being ethical and honest is something i always feel i have to be .
Worse case the board is a writeoff, major structural damage , now thats rare, but the shipper rarely pays for the whole product price....
And then you have to order another, the bottom line goes up in smoke.

On a better note the wholesaler has changed shippers,( from purolator...thats a clue) maybe they will reconsider shipping to us now.
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