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What could I see through the Acryl Bottum. The water goes behind the fin from the pressureside in an angle of sometimes 40 to the other side,where we have vacuum.Through the high pressure goes the water
(and air)on the vacuum side in front.The most time it stop in the middle and it is a brake.Now to the nose.
Is the nose thick and rounded ,lays the water good on the profile and all it works good. Is the nose thin
and sharp,there can it be that the water goes away from the profile , the water from the pressure side goes
on the other side to the nose,there to the pressure side and a rotation round the fin begin. Thats
spin out.My first idea was,the water should not go to the other side of the fin. So I worked leewards
behind the thickest point of the profile a concave 2-3mm deep from the base to the tip. Thats the
idea to work asymmetrical fins for one way. The water cannot go to the other side. But only with the concave.You can work sharp noses.No problems. Only for one way. Look please: And for tour retour??????????
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