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I`ve been windsurfing 30 years.I sail regularly and visit many popular sailing venues throughout Europe.I have not witnessed a race or spoken to anyone that races in the past 20 years.

An unreg poster mentioned that 90% of windsurfers dont race.. Suspect its nearer 99%.. Go down to any local sailing club in UK and there will be dinghies racing every summer sunday.. There will be no windsurfers. They will be at nearest coast if and only if its over F4.The kit they will be on has nothing in common with racing kit (long boards/RSX/Formula) and virtually none of them will have ever have taken part in any sort of organised race..

Why should kit be developed purely for the use of a precious few "racers" essentially paid for by the mass majority of sailors who have no intention of ever racing ??? (Essentially the RSX ; which will simply not sell and has been a complete waste of time now.
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