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Lessacher and unregistered,

Both of you make good points and I think my issue with the Drakes is the exactly Lessacher's point regarding the thick/thin nose. The Drakes have a thin nose and in a speed trial, probably are a bit faster than a fin with a thicker nose. However, a faster fin that spins out frequently is not a faster fin, it's a pain in the ass. In chop, the Drakes were particularly bad. My skills are pretty good having windsurfed for the last 28 years and have raced the entire time, but on average only 3-6 regattas per year. Last year, I had 89 days of windsurfing.

The other side of this issue is the type of sailing one does. 95% of my windsurfing is freesailing where I most commonly head up and bare off rather than just reaching. Since I try to point as high as I can on my slalom board about 1/3 of the time, I am pushing the fin to it's limits. I typically am in gusty conditions where staying on plane is ALWAYS an issue even on very windy days, so a larger fin with a little more lift helps keep things going. If I sacrifice some speed, so be it, it's worth it.
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