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The asymm. fin was for one way over 1km. 20m in front.But retour slowlier. So I said,okay,to be the half
of 20m in front, that are 10m in front,so or so, I am the first. But how. The conave only to the half,from the base to the middle,and for retour on the other side from the middle to the tip. But what happend?
I made not 10m, always 20m,but why? It works always the concave leewards, the concave on the other side shell work retour. The concave on the vacuum side reduce the vacuum,that could I not know, but it was so.The concaves reduce good 5% of a normal profil. A thinner profil is faster.But I work the nose
thicker, thats better for upwind. Through the concaves is a speefin 2 knots faster. That works at all fins.
But nobody want to know that. A assym.fin for one way is leewards thinner than on the other side,
And the nose? Leewards is the angle sharper, there the profil is thinner,thats better for speed. On the other side is the profil normal,the nose angle is not so sharp than on the otherside.There you can nothing reduce on the vacuum side,is such a fin a little slowlier.than my fins. Wolfgang

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