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Smile control issue on new 167 wide formula

Tks for the tips guys, I will try also my other Hurricane fin FRB 10 S-4 (but it had more lift on my old HWR) next to the FRB 6 S-3 I tried it with. I also have some older Deboichets 70, 67 and 64cm R13 which I used on my older 160 and 161 Formula, but thy might have too much rake for the wider boards today. i will also put mast track forward and give full loose leach to my NP EVO III in 10.7 and 10m2 I sail with....and findally more training and fitness studio for muscle power, that might help best...but my old HWR I will keep for 20 kts plus winds and chop (lake Garda) or sea races...hang loose, yves
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