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Ci-joint les véritables raisons d'avoir des ailerons souples sur la SUPer 10'0" whopper en mode SUP:

1) des ailerons latéraux souples sont bien meilleurs que des rigides pour initier plus doucement le virage et garder le grip durant toute la courbe;
2) à cause de sa largeur importante, le SUP whopper requiert un aileron central relativement court et des ailerons latéraux plutôt importants en configuration thruster.

"We introduce the new Starboard composite Hexel fins in cool tinted black finish as standard for all SUP boards other than the SUPer’s. Our plan was to also have composite side fins integrated into the program. However after testing of various side fin set ups and further the stiffness’s in the thruster fins , it was found that the side fins with more flex were actually better suited to our boards.
A smoother initiation into a turn and arc all the way around was very clear. The larger volumes and thicker rails of the SUP boards obviously react differently to that of traditional short boards , which most surfboard fins are designed for. Going back and forth with testing it was found that the flexi fins were simply better. Throughout the range varying sizes of center fins and thrusters are used. Differences in length width and volume obviously requiring varying fin surface area.
For the smaller sizes, (7’11/8.0/8.5) a thruster with M’5 fins up front in combination with a Drake cool Hexel 19cm centre fin is the perfect blend between drive, traction and acceleration while still being loose. The larger sized boards from 9’0 up gradually increase to counter the extra size and volume required.
The exception being with Whopper, and Hero who’s immense width actually suited having smaller centre fins with larger side fins. The selected injection molded side fins are made from the stiffness derived from PA+GF30%".



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