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When I work speedfins between 18 to 28cm i work they very stiff so they cannot produce a lot of
twist and flex. When,than a little flex for lift and not 2 things ,flex and twist at the same time ,one works against the other. A twisting fin need more power for flexing. That reduce the speed. I worked a fin with
20cm for one way. The idea is, to work flex in the fin,for a little lift of the end of the board.The fin stay
in an angle of 10 to the left or right side.So you need only the half power for to get flex and later the lift.
The power you need for flex ,reduce the speed a little. I work only 100% carbon fins,the reaction of
carbon is the shortest,I know,( bending and back). I worked a fin inside only with rowings.I lay the rowings
in epoxy and do powder of ceramic around the rowings. that makes the fin stiffer than all the other things.
So I try and try. Wolfgang
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