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Oh, I would like to know the secret to make become windsurf fascinating for my girl-woman. It's a long time that I'm looking for the simplest way to teach her, ut I still haven't found it
About the rig I've set up a very light rig, with a special superlight mast, a Fiberspar Breeze, bought on sale in Germany, the same place I've bought a triangle dacron sail vith the nice picture of a cat (also design matters for girls...). Finally a no-extension boom, very light and with small diameter tubes. I don't fully agree that an rdm mast could be the solution, as rdm are thicker and not lighter than high carbon sdm masts, as they are made stronger for waves.
The problem is the board, especially with not so much enthusiast for ws women like mine, even the widest and more stable board of mine (Fanatic Sting Ray 138 lt, 73 cm wide) has shown to be too difficult for an absolute beginner. So one should buy or rent a proper wideboard for beginners, but they never are cheap even on the 2hand market...
Now I've just get an old Bic Jazz for free, it isn't really wide (68 cm) but is large and with a big volume, 240 lt, and therefore, in my opinion, as all longboard it could offer some satisfaction int first days of sailing as it glides much better than a wideboard. So I'll try with it.
A thing that I've learned teaching snowboard to gilrs-women is that they learn in a different way compared to men. I mean, I've seen that men they "dive" into the sport and quicly need to find emotions from sailing, no matter the way they go and no matter the mistakes and falls, so they (we) can learn somehow quickly even if with a lot of bad attitudes. Women they need to be more progressive, and get the control of the situation BEFORE going, otherwise they simply refuse to keep trying, so it's better avoid even slightly difficult situations otherwise the will give up forever; a teacher imho has to keep in mind this and do all he can tho make feel the woman in perfect control and command of what is around her... Just like for life, isn't it?
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