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Default RE: anyone about the Freesex 2005?

Width only influences the speed if you're not planning and if you're jibing. The freesex would do fine on 4-5 bft if you're sails are big enough. You and i have about the same weight so i suggest you get a nice 7.5 m?? sail for these conditions and perhaps a smaller one, somewhere aronud 5.5 m?? for the heavier duties. I also surf on a lake, though that only becomes gusty when the winds go over 5 bft. None the less, conditions should be the same and with the freesex you should have a blast! Don't worry about it'(s surface influencing it's speed, it won't in planning. And i'm pretty sure, considering the structure and sizes of the 110 that handeling is easy (though, you might wanne watch out with your back foot).

have fun!

ps, where do u surf then? (i'm interested infinding lakes with good conditions)
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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