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Default RE: Footstrap and fin advice needed for Carve 144

Try a 50 or a 52 cm fin but keep the footstraps on the outside. With a 9 m?? you're using the carve more for speed then for manuevres so u want to stand as much on it's side as u can so get as little waterfriction during planning. I use my Go139 the same way and the speed during planing is amazing, i even tend to outperform lighter and smaller boards with it. If you put on a smaller sail and u want to have a sharper jibe, put in the smaller fin again and put the back footstraps more inward so u can play with your backfoot a bit more.
A small disadvantage to putting them on the outside is that it's a bit harder to get in them without pushing the board out of balance, especially with the back ones. But u can compesnsate that with the fin.

Give it a go is what i say!

Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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