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Absolutely Unregistered, I don't agree to your point of view. This is a windsurfing forum, and the statement that many girls-women aren't interested in windsurfing simply ends the topic. Obvioulsy we are here starting from the point that our girls-women show some interest in it.
And about some if not many of the things said here you can easily find proofs. Therefore small sail-calm water-low wind is something that is needed also for men! The difference is that we (men) are more enthusiast and able to bear a lot of hits and falls for the purpouse we want, for women I see it's different.
About metabolism I've tested by myself what has been told by windalchemist, really my woman seems to feel 5 degrees less than me. Now in our italian nasty hot and wet summer (here in northeast) I'm at the "danger" level, when she still is fully dressed and wants to shut off the air conditioner.
And they say that the lower metabilism is the same thing that makes women live longer than men...
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