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There are an awful lot of men not interested in WS aswell... I wasnt saying dont try and attract women into WS; would be great but you sure as hell arent going to do it working from premise that girls need some kind of special treatment;conditions and care which "us blokes" can cope with.. Its patronising to the extreme and in this day and age completely uninformed.. I`ve been involved with coaching/ teaching/ education all my life... Girls are just as tough ;determined and determined as any bloke; infact its been my experience probably more so. Yes they tend not to be as egotistical and probably have a more enlightened view towards other competitors but to start off implying they need warmer water;lighter equipment; smoother conditions is just showing the original posters own chauvanistic stand point..

And thread is not talking about attracting women.. Its talking about attracting men`s partners whih is a completely different argument...

I`ve coached girls to national standard in another water sport. (One made UK champion) Similar attitudes to those expressed in this thread used to infuriate entire team..Positive side was however the"weak" girls had something to prove and always managed to do so !!!
Watch girls in Olympics in sailing/running/WS/gymnastics (any infact) and then go and ask them what special allowances a "girl" needs...
Unbelievable !!!!!
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