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Unregistered, I don't want to say that we must be protective to that strange and nice creature called woman. I want to simply say that IMHO nature has made men and women different also in the (phisical and mental) approaching to sport.
Therefore consider that we say women but for sure "mine" italian women have different attitudes compared to english women. It could probably be that english women are stronger and more interested in sports, here italian women are for sure pretty and gentle but not so many times interested in outdoor sports.
Therefore the thing I wanted to focus on is that they seem to have a different approach, listen to me, not worster, I mean different. In the past years I've friendly theached snowboarding to women and to some men and every time men were "fast and furious", reaching the first curves in even few minutes, but at the same time learning a lot of mistakes difficult to change over the years. Women has always shown to be more progressive even if slower, but usually learning BETTER without errors to correct. But everytime I've seen that an hard fall can stop most of the women (at least italian), so in windurfing the first correct approach with right board and sail is pheraphs much more important with a woman than with a man; yes italian woman and italian men, I mean.
For example in windsurfing first attempt I've seen that a man wants to GO even if without a decent balance on the board, so if on is lucky he can start even with a too small board; a women usually wants to feel to have the balance AND THEN to start going.
But I'm not a professional instructor, these are only my two (euro) cents, not a much affordable coin nowaday...;-)
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