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Think we have to be really careful on this thread...With all the right motives we can easily be seen as sexist
"The difference is that we (men) are more enthusiast and able to bear a lot of hits and falls "

"I guess most women have no interest for technical stuff"

"otherwise they simply refuse to keep trying"

"few of them like to push their limits like most of the men do".

"when she is good enough to practice by herself - with friends - do not leave her coping with all the house chores and babysitting that will eventually prevent her from sailing, and make her quit"

To be honest cant really believe what I`m reading on here !!!

My daughters (both of whom could out wakeboard/ski/sail/snowboard/mountain bike me in any conditions) me by the time they were 14.

My elsdest daughter was a top slalom water skier.(Retired through injury) We were once at a national event and male skier swam ashore infront of a group of all female skiers (amongst them were ladies U17 champion and ladies outright ) He threw his ski on the banking disgruntled at his very poor performance; climbed out and exclaimed to the world " I skied like a girl"...Everyone around burst into fits of laughter which got even louder when over the tannoy came the reply

" No;you wish you could ski like a girl !"

Our society has inbuilt discrimination in many areas...

PS on the cold issue ..
I`ve seen girls braking ice on ski lakes so they can go out and ski. whilst the lads were shivering in the changing rooms...
I`ve snowboarded in blizzard conditions with both my daughters,at therir request, when hardy male mates have stayed in the cafe...
We are all different.
Think we should leave out the male/female divide. The sport will attract those of the right disposition.Male or female.
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