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Matt Spooner
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Default Which Kids Board

Hi, I am looking for a Kids board for my 10yo son - he is pretty small 130cm, 29kg. He is proficient on an F2 Pheonix (320cm 180L) he can sail out, tack, come back, Jibe etc. However, The F2 is a barge for him. I have seen a Starsurfer Kids S (88L) with a 2.7 Tushingham Dino rig. I am a little concerned that 88L sounds very small - most of our sailing is in Portland Harbour (flat shallow water) however, we go camping every year in Spain (Bay of Rosas - same venue as World Cup event in June) - This year I will make a massive effort to get him windsurfing properly, ideally planning maybe even using a harness. Conditions are force 2 wind in the morning increasing to a force 5 in afternoon, In the morning the waves are pretty gentle, increasing to 1 - 2 feet high in afternoon

Would I be better off with the Starsurfer M with 117L?
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