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nakaniko gets my point, it's not about sexism guys...

Being a girl and windsurfing myself, I don't feel concerned about 99% of the stuffs I summed up. Really a matter of individuals and habits, with general trends that separate the 2 genders. It's hard not to make generalities when raising such issues.
I was the first on my spot off the wetsuit, then without lycra while guys were still in shorties, many of them asking: "ain't you cold?" well, if I were, I wouldn't be wearing a boardshort... X)
I quite feel like an outsider myself now that I've realized that there are actually not that many girls really into windsurfing. The spirit doesn't "grow" on everyone. On the other hand, I know I shouldn't feel so special with that level of mine... Anyway.

Probably the right answer was simply this: "The sport will attract those of the right disposition. Male or female."
Too bad then if there's only 15% women/85% (approx) men in windsurfing and probably the same in kitesurfing? The current situation is absolutely not a problem for me, I'm getting along pretty well with most of the windsurfers I meet. I was only wondering why it was uncommon, if there were "solutions", and curious to have men's points of view, to see how they see us.

And sorry for all the grammar mistakes, feel free to correct me!
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