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I totally agree with you Floyd, unfortunately nowadays brands and ads plus old and new prejudices contribute to make us oversexualized and stereotyped human beings, instead of human beings first. Men and women are not different species as they are marketized. However I don't think you could say that they are exactly the same either, a few individuals apart.
I consider myself more as tom boy than a delicate creature on some aspects and never really was subject to discrimination, being a little bit "special" (I don't really know how to say this...).

So this all comes down to changing minds and societies in the end! Same old story, as old as the world itself. Some told me that at the beginning of the sport, there was no discrimination against any age or gender, the ads only showed young people having fun together in all kinds of conditions? Things look less bright now...

Any Starboard marketing pro in there to explain how stereotypes won over time?

PS: about "when she is good enough to practice by herself - with friends - do not leave her coping with all the house chores and babysitting that will eventually prevent her from sailing, and make her quit" it's not from me, it's from a female windsurfer complaining about her husband not involving himlself as much as he should to enable her to go windsurfing more often and relaxed.

The other statements are generalities that tend to be more or less true depending on the customs and countries, again, relax! If I compare with a friend of mine, they are all true! And I sometimes envy his strength and his ability to go 100% any time, any conditions. I try harder, try to level up my technique, and in the end I'm still no match for him most of the time (yet ^^). It's ennerving, it's not fair, I didn't develop enough skills to compensate my lack of big muscles (and maybe I don't have these skills) but it's the way it is for now.
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