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Default Stolen Windsurf Equipment

Hi all!

On my way to the Nordic Championships all my boards and rigs got stolen from the roof of my car in the night between 2nd and 3rd of July. It all happened near Stockholm, Sweden.

The police says that the gear could easily appear other places in Europe so I just ask you all to keep your eyes open:

Starboard Formula 167 Wide (Kovalski footstraps, no chicken straps)
Starboard iSonic 127
Packed in an OLD Fanatic Triple bag

TR8 XT 12,0 & 11,0
TR8 10,0
TR5 7,0

SRS Carbon Race 550, 520x2, 460

MauiSails carbon Booms: 3x Carbon race 230-290, 1x Carbon Race 190-240

Booms and sails packed in Mauisails bags together with two helmets and two pairs of roller ski poles


Kristian Olsen
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