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Default did you read the above?

I see you made a very long list of possibilities and didn't include Tectonics as an option? i have been using these fins now for many years and I can tell you , they were the first, and they are the best,, they have 3 world titles under the belt, the best guys in the world use em, they ship immediately, no waiting,, Antonie and Bjorn pay for them,, Bjorn won his world title last year using them,, maybe you should check em out,,, it seems to me that all these other fin companies start out by trying to copy Tectonics,,, I also find it very interesting that in the Kite racing world,, Tectonics also has the World Title using the very same fins available for windsurfing,,,, check out Johnny Heineken, world champ, what's up with that???
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