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I have had a BIC Samba and have a Fanatic Ultra CAT.
The Alpha 291 is NOT a CAT, but rather a Fanatic Shark in disguise {from what I have read}
The BIC is definitely a longboard and the Fanatic is a shortboard.

If you are riding on lakes in 5 to 15 mph then the BIC is the ticket...
Waterstarts in those winds ?? At 100 kilos, I practice waterstarts in 15 to 20 mph winds :-)
At 145 pounds that may mean 10 to 15 mph and is sail dependent.

Once winds are over 15 mph, the Fanatic is the ticket.
And then waterstarts start to become practical...
Again the sail is just as important - as is the fin.

Welcome back to the world of windsurfing and please be patient...
Today I lost patience, butt it was my fault - put wrong kit on the lake.
That is why I always say - longboards for the lakes - unless it is a large lake...

Lotsa Luck & Never Stop :-)
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