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the Ultra CAT is a FUN longboard
it can plane and does feel fast
however a nice shortboard feels and IS faster !!!
when the wind is lite - nothing beats it - can be used even when the kites get off
have even used a 10-oh sail on this 200+ liter board

i still hesitate on the footstraps
when i had the Samba, I actually removed the straps since they were "in my way"
i believe i had a really old Samba with two(2) places to put the mast base
one of the two(2) positions was the more comfortable, butt i donut remember which
the board became waterlogged and the board specific base broke = junked it :-(
i enjoyed that board as it was free and it got me on the water
the specs i have is max 7.4 sail
my most used sail now at 100 kilos is 8-oh
on the CAT, 160 liter short board for now
trying it on a 170 liter BIC Techno Formula this year :-)
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